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Categories, Nominees & Voting Method for European Blues Awards 2013

Recorded Category returns for European Blues Awards 2014


Record disc

For 2014 we are re-introducing the Best Recording category section in the European Blues Awards but due to social media extension, with a difference… Voting will begin as normal once the nominations have been posted from 15th October. Therefore if you hear anything especially wonderful over coming months (or have a special new release or session to shout about) please share it by posting on twitter any Monday from 15.00 EST/20.00 GMT using the hash tag #BluesHour in your tweet.

Recordings in the public domain, such as broadcast sessions and album material by an artist/artists who have played live in Europe since November 2013 are applicable and we look forward to receiving your suggestions links and recommendations. (NB YouTube soundtracks cannot qualify for this category due to world copyright restrictions)  The European Blues Awards are uniquely independent and free from sponsorship thus reflecting the true opinion of the European fan base.                                                                                                                                The EBA team  @blueshour

Ref. British Blues Awards – An element of confusion


For some unknown reason over the last few weeks we have been receiving enquiries regarding the British Blues Awards. European Blues Awards are in no way linked and we are a 32 year established organisation focussing on the whole of the European blues scene. The only confusion may be that the 2013 EB Award Ceremony was held at the Carlisle International Blues Festival in the UK. For more information visit the ‘About’ section above and remember to follow #BluesHour forum on our twitter site @blueshour by using the hashtag in your tweets to post news and views on the Blues from 20.00 GMT/15.00 EST every single stormy Monday!

(To contact BBA email sue (at) )

Keeping the Blues alive while remaining uniquely impartial as free from sponsorship. All the best for 2014 - The EBA Team

Winners Gallery 2013


Virgil McMahon European Blues Awards Winner 2013

Virgil McMahon receives the European Blues Award for Best Guitarist at Marrs Bar Worcester UK on the recent Accelerators tour

Paul Jones receives the award for Best Radio Show (BBC Radio 2)
from Cllr. Anne Hawkesworth on a UK tour date at Ilkley

Rob Towsend Award

Rob Townsend of the Blues Band also gets the Best Musician (Performance) Award

Images courtesy of Adam of

Bluesman Mike Francis & Matt Andersen

Matt Andersen receives the award for Best Solo Acoustic from fellow nominee Bluesman Mike Francis

Image courtesy of Mike Davis Photography

GB R&B Festibal Imge Colne

Best Event/Festival – Great British R&B Festival (Colne) UK

wilko 14

Lifetime Contribution to European Blues – Wilko Johnson

Image courtesy of Patrick Higgins

Ian Siega 2l

Ian Siegal -Best Vocalist

Blues Mag NL

Best Publication – Blues

Gery Mcavoy

Gerry McAvoy from Band of Friends (eu) – Winners of  Best Band

More images to follow soon so please watch this space!

#BluesHour forum on twitter – Come and join us!

Frequently asked question but maybe not often enough.. How do we take part in the Blues Hour forum – post our news, views and get our videos and tracks played?

Answer; Simply log into your twitter account (easy to open one if you have an email address), from 20.00 GMT 15.00 EST 12.00 PST on any Monday. Every time you post a tweet include the hash tag #BluesHour and then follow that tag in your search bar to keep up with the flow of the forum. If you post a live date, track or video link this will automatically be circulated around a huge world wide network for all things Blues.

Blues Hour has been running since August as an affiliation to the updated European Blues Awards. The success has been truly incredible so please join us every week by having your say and spreading the word. Blues Hour, like the European Blues Awards is totally independent and sponsorship free.  Thank you all for your support, it is much appreciated.

The EBA team @BluesHour



BEST GUITARIST – Winner – Virgil McMahon.

BEST BAND - Winner - Gerry McAvoy’s Band of Friends

BEST EVENT/FESTIVAL - Winner - Great British R&B Festival (Colne)

BEST SOLO/ACOUSTIC – Winner  – Matt Andersen

BEST PUBLICATION – Winner - Blues Magazine (Netherlands)

BEST MUSICIAN (PERFORMANCE) – Winner - Rob Townsend (Blues Band/Manfred Mann)

BEST RADIO SHOW – Winner - Paul Jones (BBC Radio 2)

LIFETIME CONTRIBUTION TO EUROPEAN BLUES (Awarded by the team) - Winner – Wilko Johnson

BEST VOCALIST – Winner - Ian Siegal

Congratulations to all the highly deserving winners. Voting volume was absolutely phenomenal and thanks to everyone who voted and made this year’s awards such a tremendous success. Presentations are in the process of being made and please follow our weekly twitter forum #BluesHour from 20.00 GMT every week for more information, updates and coverage

Our special thanks to Carlisle International Blues Festival UK for doing a really brilliant job in hosting this year’s results.

Voting has now closed for 2013


Voting has now closed for the 2013 European Blues Awards. The response has been absolutely tremendous and counting has now begun. The results will be announced at the UK’s Carlisle International Blues Festival this weekend from Friday 8th November and an official announcement will be made on the @blueshour account #BluesHour weekly forum through twitter on Monday 11th November from 20.00 GMT.

A very big thanks to everyone who voted for and supported the awards process this year and for being patient during the unavoidable delays during the middle of October. Please see previous post for list of all award categories and nominations  in the European Blues Awards 2013.

The EBA team.


Voting has opened for the European Blues Awards 2013

Voting continues for the next 7 days and ends for category 1 nominees at 09.00 hrs. GMT on Tuesday 5th November 2013.

Voting ends for category 2 nominees at 19.00 hrs. GMT on Tuesday 5th November 2013.

Voting is open to all and can be counted by open tweet or DM on #twitter to @blueshour (NB. Re tweets of someone else’s opinion will NOT be counted as a vote), or by email to

Confirmation will be sent to all successful votes within 24 hrs. of placing.  Votes can be placed in every category but are limited to one per account. It is not necessary to place a vote for every category, it is left to individual preference. We would like to apologise for delays in this year’s awards due to circumstances and technical problems way beyond our control. The awards will be announced at a high profile Blues event during mid November and posted on twitter and this site immediately afterwards.

The European Blues Awards (formerly the Trans European Blues and Jazz Awards), remain free from sponsorship and operate on a totally independent basis. Thank you for taking part in the process.

Category (1)

BEST BAND     Nominees;  Northern Governors (fi)   -  Gerry McAvoy Band of Friends (eu)  -  Popa Chubby (usa)

BEST GUITARIST  Nominees;   Ryan McGarvey (usa) -  Ana Popovic (eu)  -  Virgil McMahon (uk) -  Samantha Fish (usa)

BEST EVENT/FESTIVAL  Nominees;  Gaildorf Blues Festival (de) -  Moulin Blues Festival (nl) -  Great British R&B Festival (uk)

BEST VOCALIST  Nominees;  Ian Siegal (uk) -  Kyla Brox (uk) -  Marcus Bonfanti (uk) -  Paul Jones (uk)

BEST SOLO/ACOUSTIC  Nominees;  Seasick Steve (eu) -  Bluesman Mike Francis (uk/usa) -  Matt Andersen (ca)

BEST PUBLICATION  Nominees;  Blues Magazine (nl) -  Blues Matters (uk)  - The Blues Magazine (uk)

Category (2)

BEST MUSICIAN (PERFORMANCE)  Nominees; Ginger Baker (uk) -  Rob Townsend (uk) -  Sugar Blue (usa)

RADIO SHOW  Nominees;  Ashwyn Smyth Digital Blues (eu) -  Gary Grainger The Blues Show (uk)  -  Tim Aves Blues is Back (uk) -  Paul Jones Blues Show (uk)

LIFETIME CONTRIBUTION TO EUROPEAN BLUES – (Already awarded by EBA team) – tbc.

More information coming soon. Follow daily updates on twitter @blueshour & join us for #BluesHour every Monday at 20.00 GMT


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