Final Call for Best Album/Recorded Session Nominations 2016

by europeanbluesawards


The time is drawing closer for the 36th European Blues Awards and this is the final call for your suggestions and nominations in the Best Album/Recorded Session category 2016. It is open to all but must feature only artists that have played live in Europe between November 2015 and October 2016. You can nominate your own material but due to copyright restrictions YouTube links are not admissible.

Please send name of band/artist, title of album or studio session and most importantly a link by tweet, direct message or email (all information on the twitter profile @blueshour). Nominations will be posted when the public vote begins in early November. Follow the weekly #BluesHour forum and this website for updates. Worth remembering that last years European Blues Awards Best Album winner was result of a late stage nomination.       EBA Team