The Real European Blues Awards – Clarification needed again

by europeanbluesawards


Sadly and not for the first time have to clarify and identify the real European Blues Awards. Probably best way to do this is to once again reinforce that the EBA never asks for contact details for data base use or any form of participation fee or membership payments. If this is taking place it is nothing to do with the real awards process that by charter has been run on an independent non-commercial basis from the start.

This is the only official European Blues Awards website (dot net) and if anyone comes across any irregularities by all means report publicly on the world’s weekly online Blues Music Forum by using #BluesHour tag on twitter from 21.00 CET/20.00 GMT/15.00 EST every Monday.

Thanking you    EBA Team CET 18.30 13 August 2020