EUROPEAN BLUES AWARDS 2022 – Another year begins with global uncertainty

Following partial abandonment of the 2021 European Blues Awards, last weekend a multi location European zoom meeting was held to discuss possibilities for returning the nomination and voting process for this coming October 2022. It was concluded that due to the fact it is now almost 3 months into qualifying period for the awards and that in many countries there seems to be little easing of restrictions or return to touring and bigger public events, it has regretfully been decided to again suspend the main public vote awards process.

Since the beginning there has been a great reliance on touring where artists from all over the world perform throughout Europe. Unfortunately for the main this has been severely disrupted over the last 2 years therefore fair assessment and reflection cannot easily be made. Also many large festivals and annual events have not taken place further limiting the live music scene the awards have come to rely on so much.

As with 2021 it is hoped that later in the year some kind of recorded material feature can take place using the weekly online worldwide forum #BluesHour on twitter. Although not an ideal arrangement by any means it will enable some kind of promotional vehicle to carry on while hopefully everything gets back to where things were before the global outbreak of Coronavirus. Please follow the @BluesHour account where further announcements will be made accordingly. Please continue to support the venues and artists that have been so badly effected in these uncertain times.

EBA Team