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Voting has now ended for European Blues Awards 2014

This evening voting closed in this year’s European Blues Awards with incredible tens of thousands of participants making this by far the biggest response ever. Many thanks to all that have supported the Awards and helped to promote the awareness of the world’s greatest musical genre. Thanks also for all your wonderful messages that make our non-sponsored unfunded efforts so worthwhile.


The late Jack Bruce

European Blues Awards 2014 are dedicated to the late great Jack Bruce who sadly passed away since this year’s voting process began last Thursday. Our thoughts are with his family at this time and the world of blues is devastated by the news.


A Whole Load of History and Impersonators over the Years

This October the European Blues Awards (formerly the Trans European Blues and Jazz Awards) celebrate 34 years in existence. There have been many worthy winners and nominees alike during that time and the European Blues Awards remain the longest running independent genre accolade outside the USA. The organisation entered the 21st Century during 2013 when the process was linked to social media and went digital.

As you can imagine there have been many impersonators along the way and feel it a tribute to our long standing achievement that this should be so. There have been challenges, unions, associations and even invasions! We feel it our duty in the memory of our recently passed colleague and friend Katarina to maintain the individuality and independence of what we do and here are a few famous faces you may well recognise from over the years.

Ginger Baker

Ginger Baker 1988 (also nominated again in 2013)

Jonas Hellborg

Jonas Hellborg 1987

Tony McPhee

Tony McPhee 1991 & 2004

Voting for the 2014 European Blues Awards is scheduled to begin on Wednesday 15th October. Please follow @blueshour for regular updates and information. Here’s to another 34 great years!


Voting has opened for the European Blues Awards 2013

Voting continues for the next 7 days and ends for category 1 nominees at 09.00 hrs. GMT on Tuesday 5th November 2013.

Voting ends for category 2 nominees at 19.00 hrs. GMT on Tuesday 5th November 2013.

Voting is open to all and can be counted by open tweet or DM on #twitter to @blueshour (NB. Re tweets of someone else’s opinion will NOT be counted as a vote), or by email to

Confirmation will be sent to all successful votes within 24 hrs. of placing.  Votes can be placed in every category but are limited to one per account. It is not necessary to place a vote for every category, it is left to individual preference. We would like to apologise for delays in this year’s awards due to circumstances and technical problems way beyond our control. The awards will be announced at a high profile Blues event during mid November and posted on twitter and this site immediately afterwards.

The European Blues Awards (formerly the Trans European Blues and Jazz Awards), remain free from sponsorship and operate on a totally independent basis. Thank you for taking part in the process.

Category (1)

BEST BAND     Nominees;  Northern Governors (fi)   –  Gerry McAvoy Band of Friends (eu)  –  Popa Chubby (usa)

BEST GUITARIST  Nominees;   Ryan McGarvey (usa) –  Ana Popovic (eu)  –  Virgil McMahon (uk) –  Samantha Fish (usa)

BEST EVENT/FESTIVAL  Nominees;  Gaildorf Blues Festival (de) –  Moulin Blues Festival (nl) –  Great British R&B Festival (uk)

BEST VOCALIST  Nominees;  Ian Siegal (uk) –  Kyla Brox (uk) –  Marcus Bonfanti (uk) –  Paul Jones (uk)

BEST SOLO/ACOUSTIC  Nominees;  Seasick Steve (eu) –  Bluesman Mike Francis (uk/usa) –  Matt Andersen (ca)

BEST PUBLICATION  Nominees;  Blues Magazine (nl) –  Blues Matters (uk)  – The Blues Magazine (uk)

Category (2)

BEST MUSICIAN (PERFORMANCE)  Nominees; Ginger Baker (uk) –  Rob Townsend (uk) –  Sugar Blue (usa)

RADIO SHOW  Nominees;  Ashwyn Smyth Digital Blues (eu) –  Gary Grainger The Blues Show (uk)  –  Tim Aves Blues is Back (uk) –  Paul Jones Blues Show (uk)

LIFETIME CONTRIBUTION TO EUROPEAN BLUES – (Already awarded by EBA team) – tbc.

More information coming soon. Follow daily updates on twitter @blueshour & join us for #BluesHour every Monday at 20.00 GMT