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Ian Siegal makes it three in a row in Europe

UK based European Blues legend Ian Siegal made it three in a row by once again taking the highest public vote and winning Best Vocalist category in the 2015 European Blues Awards. Last Sunday Ian received his award while performing at the Bristol UK Jazz Festival from Bluesman Mike Francis who was also performing over the weekend in Bristol.


Ian Siegal receives the award for Best Vocalist 2015 from Bluesman Mike Francis at Bristol Jazz Festival – photo courtesy of Tim Dickeson

Ian Siegal Award Sharon Thompson 4

photo courtesy of Sharon Thompson


Blues Magazine Wins Euro Blues Award

Blues Mag

Copyright Martin Kielty, Blues Magazine 10 Nov 2015

We line up with Ted McKenna, Ian Siegal and Laurence Jones among 2015 public vote winners

The Blues Magazine was last night named Best Publication at the annual European Blues Awards.

The TeamRock title was a winner alongside Best Musician Ted McKenna, Best Vocalist Ian Siegal and Best Guitarist Laurence Jones.

Awards were allocated after a public vote, in which tens of thousands of fans across Europe expressed their opinions.

Organisers said last night: “Thanks to those who voted and maintained the European Blues Awards as the biggest independent genre accolade outside the USA.”

The Blues editor Ed Mitchell says: “I couldn’t be more pleased to win. The magazine is still only three years old, and we’re already established as an important voice on the blues scene.

“The aim from the start was to represent blues in all its forms and I think this award proves that we’re doing that. The scene is an exciting place to be at the moment and it’s pleasure to be able to bring it all together.

The Blues is created by a small but passionate team – special thanks go to production editor Emma Johnston and art editor Steven Goldring. Without them, there would be no magazine.”

TeamRock Director of Content Scott Rowley adds: “We’re more than just a British print magazine. We’re a dedicated website and news service, a radio show, a digital magazine – and every issue is available wherever you are, on whatever device you have. Like blues music itself, we promise to keep on growing and spreading the word.”

Band Of Friends drummer McKenna, formerly of the Rory Gallagher Band and the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, tells The Blues: “Being nominated was a surprise – I didn’t know anything about it. We’ve been busy with the new album and I only found out on the old Facebook.

“It’s very nice to win something like this. It makes you feel people are paying attention to what the band’s doing. Thanks to all the people who took the time to vote for me. Rock‘n’roll – and blues, of course!”

Siegal, who’s won the same award twice before, tells The Blues: ”Once, twice, three times! It is very gratifying to know that so many people enjoy my music.”

European Blues Award Winners 2015

Best Publication: The Blues Magazine

Best Musician: Ted McKenna, Band Of Friends

Best Radio Show: The Paul Jones Blues Show, BBC Radio 2

Best Album/Recorded Session: The Blues Overdrive – Clinch

Best Solo/Acoustic Act: Seasick Steve

Best Vocalist: Ian Siegal

Best Festival/Event: Ribs en Blues Festival, Netherlands

Best Guitarist: Laurence Jones

Best Band: Leif de Leeuw Band

(Lifetime contribution to European Blues Award Winner was later announced as Musik Theater Piano, Dortmund, Germany)


News of European Blues Awards 35th Anniversary Showcase Events 2016

Ribs en Blues

The first European Blues Awards 35th Anniversary Showcase Events 2016 have just been confirmed. They begin with the EBA presentation at the 2015 Award Winning Festival Ribs en Blues Netherlands from 14-16 May and are now joined by an EBA Acoustic Showcase 16-17 July at Buxton Festival UK. More information will be posted as and when it becomes available. We would also like to point out that if an official EBA event is not listed on this website it is not anything to do with our organisation.

The EBA team

European Awards Winners announced at Blues Fest UK O2 Arena London

Blues Awards

On Saturday afternoon of the Blues Fest UK the winners of the European Blues Awards 2015 were announced on the O2 Arena Brooklyn Bowl Stage. There was also a #BluesHour twitter forum special awards feature on Monday following, but for those that missed the news here are your voted category winners.

Best Musician 2015  Ted McKenna (eu)

Best Radio Show  Paul Jones Blues Show BBC Radio 2 (uk)

Best Publication  Blues Magazine (uk)

Best Album/Recorded Session  The Blues Overdrive – Clinch (dk)

Best Solo/Acoustic Act  Seasick Steve (eu/usa)

Best Vocalist  Ian Siegal (uk)

Best Festival/Event  Ribs en Blues Festival (nl)

Best Guitarist  Laurence Jones (uk)

Best Band  Leif de Leeuw Band (nl)

Winners of the European Blues Awards Lifetime Contribution Award (decided by the EBA team) was announced on twitter forum #BluesHour a week later as the team from

Musik Theater Piano, Dortmund who have pioneered and promoted Blues artists from all over the world for an extremely long period of time.

Voting has now ended for 2015

After an extremely high turnout that once again exceeded all expectations, voting has now closed for 2015. More countries than ever before took part in the process and results will be announced later today 7th November at the Brooklyn Bowl Stage during the Blues Festival UK in London. There will also be a special #BluesHour forum session (hosted by @blueshour) on twitter this Monday 9th November from 20.00 GMT/21.00 CET/15.00 EST on the European Blues Awards stories and results 2015.

Voting begins for European Blues Awards 2015


At last its that time again. Get voting in all 9 open categories in the 2015 European Blues Awards. Some really fantastic talent to choose from and voting ends midday GMT Saturday 7th November. Results will be released that weekend at Blues Festival London UK and presentations will follow soon after. Thanks to everyone that helped with the nomination process and please join in with the weekly twitter forum @blueshour using/following the hashtag #BluesHour for updates. The European Blues Awards are now the biggest independent genre recognition outside the USA and in 2016 will celebrate their 35th anniversary.

Best Musician (Performance) 2015

Dale Storr (uk)     Paul Lamb (uk)   Ted McKenna (eu)

Best Radio Show 2015

Dave Watkins Blues & Roots (uk)   Ashwyn Smyth Digital Blues (eu)    Paul Jones BBC Blues Show Radio 2 (uk)

Best Publication 2015

Blues Matters (uk)   Blues Magazine (nl)   The Blues Magazine (uk)

Best Album/Recorded Session 2015

Lawrence Jones – Whats it gonna be (uk)   The Blues Overdrive – Clinch (dk) Selwyn Birchwood – Don’t call no Ambulance (usa)   Seasick Steve – Sonic Soul Surfer (eu/usa)    John Lee Hooker – Folk Law of JLH/Folk Blues (re-rel)     King King – Reaching for the Light (uk)

Best Solo/Acoustic Act 2015

Bex Marshall (uk)     Seasick Steve (eu/usa)    Matt Anderson (can)

Best Vocalist 2015

Kyla Brox (uk)     Ian Siegal (uk)   Layla Zoe (can)   Marcus Bonfanti  (uk)

Best Festival/Event 2015

Ribs en Blues Festival (nl)   Great British R&B Festival Colne (uk)      Suwalki Blues Festival (pl)   Manchester Blues Festival – MABS (uk)

Best Guitarist 2015

Lawrence Jones (uk)     Ryan McGarvey (usa)      Danny Bryant  (uk)    Samantha Fish (usa)

Best Band 2015

The Blues Band (uk)   Mike Zito and the Wheel (usa)   Mojo Makers (dk)

Leif de Leeuw Band (nl)

There will be a further Award for Lifetime Contribution which as normal will be decided by the EBA team. Thanks for voting in this years European Blues Awards.

European Blues Awards 2014 Presentation Gallery

Paul Jones 1

Paul Jones with Best Radio Show Award BBC Radio 2

(photo Ray Hattrell)

Colne Blues Fest (Theirs) Award pic

Great British R&B Festival (Colne) UK receiving Best Event/Festival Award from Bluesman Mike Francis

Alan White award

Alan White of Early Blues dot com receives Award for Lifetime Contribution from Sue of Great British R&B Festival

Ryan McGarvey & UK Agent Linda Valentine at European Blues Awards by Mike Francis

Ryan McGarvey USA receives Best Guitarist Award from Linda Valentine

Thanks again to the thousands that voted and once again made the whole awards process work so well. All the best to the 2015 nominees     EBA Team


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